by Porshia La'Shae

I’m Porshia La’Shae and I live in Charlotte NC with my amazing family.

This space is where I share my own stories, reflections, and information on living my best whole life. I am on a journey of living healthy, sustainable, simple, intentional, and practicing self-care. I am open to learning new ways of doing things and incorporating them to best serve me and my family.

Learning to live healthy and whole is my #1 priority. This is not only about the physical but includes the mental and emotional.

Cultivating an active practice of self-love is also apart of this new journey. I have become a self-care/love advocate for moms and women. I take joy in sharing how easy and simple self-care/love can be incorporated in everyday living.

Join me as I take this journey through wholeness by learning and practicing self-care, wellness, and sustainability with my love of food, home, creativity, and family.

I have a degree in business marketing and work full-time in Human Resources.

Thanks for stopping through.  Please feel free to send me an email (porshialashaeblog@gmail.com) with any questions, request, or to share some kind words.

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